is there a way to limit bandwidth usage for CouchDB replication?

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I have a setup with one CouchDB master database hosted at a cloud provider and several slave CouchDB databases located at sites with LTE/mobile connection (=clients).

The goal is to replicate the master database to the clients quick and seamless with limited bandwith and short recovery time if a client goes offline due to network issues or is power cycled.

Changes will only take place as the master database.

Since clients can go offline for shorter or longer periods of time my assumption was to setup the replication task at each client with the master database as source and the local database as target.

This setup is confirmed working but costs a lot of mobile data. The client replication poll the changes feed every 10 secs with feed=continous and timeout=10000. Each polling sequence is around 1,5k of mobile data or about 350 MB/month.

Is it possible to configure the CouchDB replicator to use long polling? How can I set a higher timeout value? Or setup feed=long_poll between two couchdb databases?

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