zabbix - passing result of one item into the URL for a second item

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I'm currently using Zabbix 5.0. I have a monitoring item of type HTTP Agent set up that calls a REST API to retieve an item of data.

Is there a way to pass the result of that first item into the string for a second item?


item 1 + pre-processing:

retrieves the value 12345 with a name of Server_ID

can I then use that Server_ID value in the second one?



These would both be part of the same template.

I've seen there are type:dependent items but that seems to be for retrieving multiple pieces of data from the first item only. I've also seen there is something about type:scripts in 5.4 that may be what I want, but I don't know how long it will be before we upgrade to that version.

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No, it doesn't.

There are only some macros you can use in the URL field:

Supported macros: {HOST.IP}, {HOST.CONN}, {HOST.DNS}, {HOST.HOST}, {HOST.NAME}, {ITEM.ID}, {ITEM.KEY}, user macros, low-level discovery macros.

That's it.

I haven't tried it, but the low-level discovery macros sound interesting. If the server ID you get with your first check is constant for the server, you could turn your check into a discovery rule that creates the actual check. You can use the same prepocessing steps there and it should allow you to use the ID in the actual check.

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The Discovery Rules looks like it could work, if only I could actually make it work. So far it has led to more questions and much head scratching.

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