dovecot Error: No relay host configured for submission proxy (submission_relay_host is unset) after upgrade to version >= 2.3.0

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I find this occurs because of a new feature of dovecot in versions >= 2.3.0 So all I have to do is add "submission" to protocols I lmtpd.protocol and pop3d.protocol in /usr/share/dovecot/protocols.d I don't know if lmtpd.protocol is the right file to add "submission" to protocols Next I'm supposed to "configure the relay MTA server." In /etc/postfix/ relayhost = [mail.isp.example]:587 What should I put here, the machine I'm configuring is already my mail server itself What am I supposed to proxy to?

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Sounds like you have partial configuration for a feature you did not use before. Are you certain you want to start using the *submission proxy* feature at all? If you do not have a use case for that, *not* configuring the related settings is fine, too.

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