How do I specify a port other than 80 when adding SSL certificate using Certbot?

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I have a server which runs 2 different web servers (Apache and Nginx). The Apache server takes care of all the traffic directed to Wordpress sites whereas the Nginx server serves my Python API and React Web App.

Due to conflicting ports with Apache, I had to set up the API to run on port 88 and the React app to run on 90. I tested it this way and it worked. All the requests will be forwarded to 443 so I thought it doesnt matter what the unsecure port is.

When I finally ran the command to add the certificate:

sudo certbot --nginx -d

which gave me an error. Upon further examination, I found out that it was trying to open the domain on port 80 instead of 88. I did some research and found the --http-01-port rule and set it to 88 but it gave me the same error again:

sudo certbot --nginx --http-01-port 88 -d

After trying so many times, I am afraid that certbot might soon block me for a few hours or days due to suspicions of spam and I am running out of possible solutions.

Has anyone dealt with this before? How'd you solve this?

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I recommend using reverse proxy setup on port 80, which then forwards requests to different web servers.
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There is no way to specify a different port than defaults (80/443).

I recommend you to use the acme-dns validation. I use it and it works fine. More details here :

Equally acme-dns is very useful to issue Let's Encrypt certificates for an intranet with public domain.

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