How does efs pricing works lambda?

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Does the pricing only applicable for storage or there are also other charges associated wit it?

for eg: if a lambda function puts 1Gb/s of file on efs via a private vpc then how much it will charge for a day?

On aws efs pricing page they've mentioned:

Total EFS One Zone storage charge: 74,400 GB-Hours x (1 month / 744 hours) x $0.16/GB-month = $16

but does not tell if there are any other cost is associated or not?

Is there also a cost to put/delete file on efs?

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The EFS pricing page says you're charged for storage, not bandwidth. The lambda pricing page says traffic to EFS is free.

If you're reading 1Gbps from EFS it's free.

Writing 1Gbps is 450GB/hr, which is 10.8TB / month. According to the AWS calculator cost 10.8TB will cost USD$884 per month. If you assume EFS is empty beforehand your average storage for the month is 5.4TB which means your total EFS charge is US$442 for the month and each subsequent month. That doesn't include lambda charges.

S3 has cheaper storage.


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