Is it possible to call one Windows scheduled task from another Windows scheduled task?

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I have created two independent task Windows scheduled task's:

  1. First task running under system-context (needs to run under system-context as application needs to be installed silently) checks if already installed application as any updates on every scheduled interval.

  2. Second task running user-context (needs to run under user-context because when run under system-context its running in background) which open one pop-up for restart.

I want to call second task which is running under user-context only when there is updates available for the application.

If anyone has suggestions it would be much appreciated

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The first task may start the 2nd, yes. The syntax would simply be

schtasks /run /TN secondtasksname
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Yes, The second task can run if any updates are available to install.

For this you can script with IF/ELSE conditions, If no update exist don't trigger the second task, Else script will trigger the second task to install the updates.

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