How to log fail2ban packets in nftables

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I use fail2ban with an ssh jail.

In my nftables directory I have a configuration file

#!/usr/sbin/nft -f

table ip fail2ban {
    chain input {
        type filter hook input priority 100;
       log prefix "nft.fail2ban";

which i include from nftables.conf. The log prefix gets redirected in rsyslogd.conf to a separate file.

The jail seems to work (as far as I can tell from fail2ban.log). However in the log of nftables I see every single packet i send to the machine. So probably there is something wrong with the way i couple fail2ban to nftables. I am following the setup from where i simply added the log to the /etc/nftables/fail2ban.conf.

What I want is a log entry for every fail2ban blocked packed. How would I do that?


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