iTop reset admin password

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Imagine you load an external iTop save to your test server, but then you're locked out because your admin password don't work anymore.
(This story is fiction. Any resemblance to actual event is purely coincidental.)

How to reset admin password on iTop (given server access) ?

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With access to the database

mysql -e 'update itop.priv_user_local set password_hash="$2y$10$vRSLaXl12M7Y70Ucf6KbLuzb.tZbeypqKyZHXWkjgeJCrPYfFwv9a" where id = 1;'

will set the password to admin (for the account with id=1, should be admin).
Keep that in your shell history, because MySQL history ignores any command with password in it.

With access to the itop install files

With the iTop toolkit installed.
There is a reset_admin_account.php that you can download here and put in itop/toolkit folder, the password admin is too simple and not accepted, you must edit it to have something more secure, then just go to the page.


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