pvcreate does not work: Device /dev/sda3 not found

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As I recall I accidentally removed partition with fdisk and left changes which I did on LVM, then I did restart and Centos was not able to boot normally, it booted to Dracut.. It is my fault that I did experiments without making VM backup.

Currently it shows that device is missing: Couldn't find device with uuid Tuio4I-anaw-oBDD-Wisp-9uAZ-PYSF-YNg1KF: enter image description here

Tried adding it, but it says device is not found: enter image description here

Checked devices with blkid command and shows /dev/sda3 is not present and I guess this is the reason why pvcreate is not working:

enter image description here

Also tried to get rid of unknown device, but did not work: enter image description here

Is it possible to add sda3 back from dracut, because fdisk command is not present or maybe my finding are not valid? Any help is much appreciated.

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Looks like you didn't recreate the partition. And please, don't post screenshots of text that you could copy&paste. Just copy&paste it.
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Yes, partition is missing, but fdisk is not working on Dracut, hence I cannot recreate. I need some other way how to create it. Regarding screenshot, yes, it is not good for community, but I cannot copy paste, because VMvare Remote Console does not provide this possibility.
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Then boot your VM into an Linux Live Image (for example grml, booted from an ISO file) and use this for administering your file systems.

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