Ubuntu desktop refuses to boot after shutdown via ssh

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I'm running ubuntu 21.04 on a workstation PC with a Gigabyte TRX40 AORUS PRO WIFI motherboard. I was using it as a regular desktop PC without issues, but now I'm working remotely on a laptop, and accessing the workstation for compute-heavy tasks via SSH.

Twice now, I've shut down the workstation via SSH (using sudo shutdown), and it refuses to boot via the power button afterwards (the box is totally unresponsive, no fans or lights). The first time, I took it back to the assembler, and they performed a CMOS reset, which resolved the issue. I shut it down via SSH afterwards, and it refuses to boot again. I'm attempting another CMOS reset, but I'm looking to root-cause this issue so it doesn't happen again.

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was the grub screen(boot screen) shown?
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No. There aren't any lights/fans at all when pushing the power button. Second CMOS reset didn't help

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