Automount second encrypted drive without password

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I'm attempt to mount a second encrypted drive at boot by getting the password from a TPM device. I'm on Ubuntu 20.04.

The second drive as well as the first are in LVM as physical volumes. Both volumes are in the same volume group.

I followed the instructions here.

There is an entry in /etc/crypttab for the second drive:

nvme1n1_crypt UUID=64bcbd3e-a6e8-43e6-884c-dbf6189a8ecc none luks,discard,keyscript=/usr/local/sbin/tpm2-getkey

The first drive mounts fine, but I'm getting errors on the console that the volume group is missing the unencrypted device. After awhile, I get a prompt to give the key.

Looking for a way to avoid inputting the password for the second drive.


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