Blocked port 22 but still have root access to ftp

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recently I messed up hard and blocked port 22 with ufw, but I still have root access with sftp. I tried editing /etc/ufw/ufw.conf and set ENABLED=no but even after reboot I still cant connect. Any suggestion ? I also know that port 25566 is opened, can I maybe somehow change ssh to that port ?

Also with putty i get this:


Update: I logged into ssh with port 2226(sftp port) and disabled ufw. I still cant login with port 22

Looks like problem is not in ufw, also looks like no service is running on port 22, any suggestion? Screenshot

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ftp (21) is not sftp (22) – not really an answer to your question, but mistaking those two only complicates understanding of your problem.
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Did you change anything in `/etc/ssh/sshd_config`?
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better check out system logs (syslog, message) and grep for sshd related errors.
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I missedited sshd_config, after I added this to the config, problem was solved:

  1. Port 22
  2. AddressFamily any
  3. ListenAddress
  4. ListenAddress ::

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