How to trigger GKE autoscaling decision on demand?

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The GKE autoscaling process makes what they call "decisions" about whether or not to autoscale. The logs will include details explaining why the process decided not to do anything (noDecisionStatus), which is cool. Search bait: This can also be seen as a notification with the text "Can’t scale up a node pool because of a failing scheduling predicate".

I've made some changes that should address the issues raised in the noDecisionStatus log entry. How do I get GKE to try making a decision again? It's been hours.

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Same error. What changes have you made?
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Various, in response to what Google suggests. Things like changing pod tolerations. I still have volume node affinity conflicts (which I totally expected and aren't an issue, lol, because of course there are conflicts) but I haven't dealt with them yet as I'm waiting to see if the other changes have any effect.
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Looks like I just had to wait. I'm seeing the noDecisionStatus logs again.


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