Regex to remove certain patterns from urls

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So i've tried this multiple times but to no avail.

Basically, what I am trying to do is check if the URL has a certain language locale and remove it and do a 301 redirect to the parent url without the locale. For example, I have...

The pattern I would like to remove is any case of /en-us or /en-gb. So the new urls would look like...

I have this, but its not working in NGINX

server {
    rewrite ^/en-us(.*)$ $1 last;
    rewrite ^/en-gb(.*)$ $1 last;
    return 301;

Am I missing something? Should I not be using rewrite? Also can this be done in one line?

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If all your URIs should match the pattern you given (two letter prefix before the locale part):

rewrite "^(/\w{2})/en-(?:us|gb)(/.*)" $1$2 permanent;

(regex pattern should be quoted due to the curly braces usage)

If such a prefix length can vary:

rewrite ^(/\w+)/en-(?:us|gb)(/.*) $1$2 permanent;

To match the locale part everywhere:

rewrite ^(.*)/en-(?:us|gb)/(.*) $1/$2 permanent;

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