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All my users use outlook, so the From field reaches the postfix like this: From: "Name and Surname" I need a regular expression to change the address, I have this in the file header_checks:

/^(From: "(?:[^"]|"")*" <>)$/ REPLACE From: "Reservas" <>

and in the file have:

header_checks = pcre:/etc/postfix/header_checks

Conclusion, what I need iswhen the reservas1 and reservas2 email addresses send an email change the address for

Thanks to anyone!

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What you are looking for is called Address Rewriting which is detailed in this postfix official page: here.

More precisely sender_canonical_maps since you are rewriting sender addresses.

1/ Create a file that contains the real sender address and the desired rewritten address, like so:

$ cat /etc/postfix/sender_canonical

2/ Point the sender_canonical_maps parameter to this this file in your

sender_canonical_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/sender_canonical  

3/ postmap the file and reload postfix

$ sudo postmap /etc/postfix/sender_canonical
$ sudo postfix reload

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