Why would Google Chrome profiles not respect profile boundaries with multiple organization SSO accounts?

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We're facing a strange issue and I'm not sure what could be the issue.

  • Every web browser lets you create different profiles. The idea is that each profile is walled off from each other. You can log into different websites/accounts in each profile and they won't be able to talk to each other or see each other.
  • But I've noticed that our organizations SSO works funny with Chrome. Our SSO works like you would expect it to with Firefox profiles but not with Chrome profiles.
  • Let's say I have two accounts:
    • exampleDomain\user1 -
    • exampleDomain\user2 -
  • In Firefox:
    • I can create two profiles and log into our SSO with each of the two accounts and it will work as expected.
    • If I open the user1 profile in Firefox it'll show I am logged into exampleDomain\user1
    • If I open the user2 profile in Firefox it'll show I am logged into exampleDomain\user2
    • Everything works as expected
  • But in Chrome, it does not work as expected
    • I can create two profiles but all of them will be logged into the first user/account that gets logged in
    • So, let's say I create a profile in Chrome for user1 and then log into exampleDomain\user1 and
    • Then, if I create a profile for user2 in Chrome, it'll still be logged into exampleDomain\user1 and

Obviously nothing is wrong with our organization's SSO configuration since it works as expected in Firefox.

I'm trying to figure out what Chrome is or isn't doing that it is causing an issue.


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