Can I customize install options for apk add?

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I use Alpine linux to build my bitcoin Dockerfile and run it via Docker compose.


FROM alpine:latest

RUN apk update \
  && apk add bitcoin \
  && apk add bitcoin-cli \

When I started a container built from this Dockerfile, I tried to run some RPC commands and not all of them seem to be available.

So, I had a look into the page of the bitcoin package for Alpine and found this in APKBUILD file:

build() {
    ./configure \
        --build=$CBUILD \
        --host=$CHOST \
        --prefix=/usr \
        --mandir=/usr/share/man \
        --with-incompatible-bdb \
        --with-gui=qt5 \
        --with-utils \
        --disable-ccache \
        --disable-static \
        --enable-hardening \
        --disable-openssl-tests \

Seems like some features I'd like to have are disabled. Can I customize the way I install packages with apk add?

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plenty offtopic. you may try on if its there on topic.

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