Cluster Storage Pools - disable Auto-Pooling

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We have a Hyper-Converged Cluster and we utilise a Storage Pool to create Disks/Volumes within, this is all great and works nicely, however, we have a scenario whereby we want to create a separate SSD Storage Pool.

We purchased the said SSD’s and popped them into our Nodes only to find the Storage Pool has now absorbed them and we now have tiered storage, which is not what we wanted, I understand the benefits of tiered storage but this was not our goal.

I’ve removed the SSD’s from the Storage Pool and they moved over to the Primordial Pool, wonderful i here you say, no not really, I now find the 1.6TB SSD’ now have 32GB of available space as the cached Volume still remains.

So I’m a little stumped of how to move forward from here so I’m reaching out to the world for help.

I’ve seen on some forums that people have suggested running the following PowerShell script:

Get-StorageSubSystem Cluster* | Set-StorageHealthSetting -Name "System.Storage.PhysicalDisk.AutoPool.Enabled" -Value False

but no one in the forums have suggested this A, worked or B, caused any issues after running it, open to options at this point.


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