Free BSD IP forwarding for LVS NAT mode

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I am testing LVS NAT mode with centos as Keepalived node and FreeBSD as real server.
This question is already answered in context of Linux.
Now the question is how to make an L3 host as a default gateway for outgoing traffic on specific port (Policy Based Routing) eg. 8080. in FreeBSD
What I have done so far is
ipfw add 45 fwd "L3 ip" log all from me 8080 to any out via em0


LVS configuration is correct and tested with linux real servers.
After making the above changes in the FreeBSD real server, still it reaches client directly without going via L3 and the packets gets dropped at client.
After checking it for a couple of days without any success, now looking for the hands of experts.
Please provide an alternative approach too if available.


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