Use mytop as a root user, without specifying a database

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Is it possible to use mytop without specifying a database? That is to say, can I use it as a root mySQL user, in order to monitor all of the databases on the server?

For example, I can use the same credentials with mysql, like this

mysql -uroot -p

which prompts me for my password. However, I've yet to find the same thing for mytop (found nothing related to this in the man mytop).

I have tried using it like this

mytop -u root -p<mypass>

Of course, this doesn't work, and it tries connecting to a non-existing DB (taken from the config file).

How can I use mytop as a root user, without specifying a database?

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[digital Ocean]( had a nice tutorial for this
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From what I've seen, it's not possible to do it.

A database must be specified, but if the mysql root parameters are used, every connection will be visible in mytop.


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