What would cause my IPv6 connectivity to keep dying, with a reboot fixing it each time?

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Centos 8 Stream

When I first boot my server up, ipv6 works fine. I can ping another ipv6 address without issue.

A few (10?) minutes later, it stops working. Rebooting the box fixes it, but I can't be rebooting a webserver every ten minutes.

Anyone come across this before and have any idea what the issue might be?

I didn't used to have this issue. What's changed is I've had a 10G card added to the server. It now has that and the pre-existing 1G card. I'm only using the 10G card. My /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ only has one file, aligning to the card I'm using. Do I need another file for the other card disabling it in some way?

Cockpit tells me that Network Manager Wait Online is failing on every boot - I have a feeling that's ALWAYS been the case, but I can't be certain.

I just tried manually starting that, and it worked, and I lost the ability to ping IPv6 immediately. However the logs show that it's not started under its own steam at all today, so I think that's a red herring.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

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IPv6 depends on ICMPv6 for link-layer resolution the same way IPv4 depends on ARP. Could it be you installed custom firewall rules that drop ICMPv6 including those needed for NDP/SLAAC?
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After having fought with this issue all day I relented and asked my webhost for assistance, knowing I'd probably have to pay for their time. They replied in minutes, saying "we now have set the ARP-Entries again for your IPs. Please check, if the problem is now resolved.". When I asked if this was something I should have done (and known to do) or if it was something on one of their systems they replied with "The named issue does not seem to be a configuration failure from your site on the first view. If the issue should persist again, we will look into it deeper with you."
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Which sounds to me like it was something they screwed up but they don't want to say as much. Very apt that I spent all of Friday 13th fighting an issue that was out of my control without realising it was

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