Advice in how to properly maintain my UPS

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First of all, I hope this is the right place to ask. I have looked around and this seems to be the correct place inside SE.

I do not own a server but I use a really old APC Smart-UPS SU1000INET for my PC. But hey, it works like a charm. I bought it last year for like 40€ with fairly new batteries. (I think they had a couple of months of life back then)

Now, I want to maintain it properly and I wanted to ask for advice here. I check it's status etc with Powerchute Business Edition (since it's the only version of Powershute that detects this ancient piece of technology) and everything seems right.

My main concern are the batteries, when should I change them? I have looked at the APC webpage and they are really expensive, like 300€ (Spain). Or can they be found much cheaper outside of the official APC webpage? Does it really pay off to replace the batteries or should I look for something different in the future? (since I only use it on my PC). If the UPS serves me for 2 years, I would still consider it a success for 40€, but maybe it is an overkill and I should go for something simpler, newer, and cheaper to maintain.

Any advice? Thanks in advance.

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-Vendor rated battery life expectancy is somewhere between 3-5 years depending on “circumstances” - What are your expectations of your UPS? To provide significant runtime during an outage? Or (only) to provide enough power to allow your server(s) to do a graceful shutdown in case of a power outage? Do the batteries still pass their self tests?
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@Rob Only a grateful shutdown, they pass the self tests 100% of the time.

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