How to enable TUN in Ubuntu running in a docker container

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So basically I'm running an Ubuntu container in docker, with the host system running Ubuntu Server 20.4 LTS, and the container running 22.4 LTS. My intended goal is to have a container to download torrents over a VPN in a container. Now I do not need to be able to access the torrents over web, so no access to my local network is needed. My problem is that anyway I install OpenVpn, WireGuard, or other VPN software, it is unable to connect or load due to a missing "TUN" module. I have already tried a whole plethora of text and YouTube tutorials with no avail. I already have WireGuard and OpenVPN installed, along with Linux headers on the host system, and Linux headers on the container. I have tried using Alpine and Ubuntu and the problem is a thing on both. If you could help solve this problem I will be eternally grateful. Thanks in advance, Duncan.

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Thanks for the help guys... It turns out to access the TUN module the container needs to be run in "privileged mode".

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