Automatic way to find where variables are coming from in Ansible

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Whenever I have to change something in our Ansible repository, I have to check all the places where a variable could be set and that's very time consuming.

Is there something that would show me something like "the varialbe X being used in this template file is defined is all these places for host Y"?

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No. It is not. It's up to you to keep track of [where the variables are coming from]( In fact, asking this question indicates that something is wrong with the structure of the data.
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thanks for your useful answer, much appreciated
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Post your [mre]( problem, instead. There might be options on how to improve the structure of the data or how to efficiently debug issues.
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Using an IDE with decent search functionalities should make this a breeze. Example for pycharm which I usually use for ansible development. Hitting `ctrl-shift-F`, selecting 'In project" and entering "my_variable_name:" (note the ending column) immediately gives me the list of files and the lines where that variable is set. The documentation site proposes a [list of IDEs and plugins]( Looking with grep is also a simple option: from your project root => `grep -Rn "my_variable_name:" *`

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