How can I configure postfix to allow relay for one specific recipient/destination email address?

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My postfix install denies relaying. But I'd like to configure it to make an exception for one specific destination address or a specific domain?

For example, allow relaying of all messages from anyone destined for [email protected] or, but continue to deny relaying for all other cases.

How would that exception be configured in postfix?

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can you show us at least your postfix configuration?
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allow relaying of all messages from anyone destined for [email protected] or

Which parameter is used to configure relaying based on destination domain is explained in the manual:

In other words, add to relayhost = separated with a comma and/or whitespace from any existing entries.

For a single address, no idea.

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some trial and error but finally figured this out.

tested and confirmed on postfix versions 2.10.1 and 3.4.13.

start with a postfix server that blocks all relays.

to allow relaying for one specific recipient address, such as [email protected], create a file like, /etc/postfix/relay_recipients.

in the file add the line: [email protected] x

then create a lookup table using this command:

postmap /etc/postfix/relay_recipients

then in add:

relay_domains =
relay_recipient_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/relay_recipients

restart postfix.

now postfix will continue to block all relays, except when the recipient email address is [email protected].


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