Openstack security group targeting another security group not working as expected

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I wonder if anyone might be able to see why chaining security groups isn't working please?

I have a VM with security group test_1 applied to its only NIC port. Default security group has egress rules removed to prevent outbound pings (all ICMP in fact)

  1. openstack security group rule create --egress test_1 # Allow all egress
  2. confirm VM can ping stuff: it can
  3. openstack security group rule delete <id of rule added in step 2>
  4. openstack security group create test_2 # test_2 has default all egress
  5. openstack security group rule create --egress test_1 --remote-group test_2
  6. confirm if VM can ping stuff: it can NOT
  7. add test_2 directly to VM nic port:
  8. confirm if VM can ping stuff: it CAN

All the best and thanks, Tim


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