Creating a gsm (LTE) connection without APN in NetworkManager

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I work with a device that has an LTE modem, which has been working properly so far for many users out-of-the-box without having to configure its APN - this is not the case for all users, some of them DO require an APN setting.

However, NetworkManager doesn't recognize the connection, and hence it cannot manage it. When I'm trying to create the connection so it can manage it

nmcli c add con-name edge1lte type gsm ifname '*'

it says "apn" is a required argument. The official documentation specifies the APN is required. However, as mentioned before, is not really needed in some cases and the modem capabilities work just fine.

My question is: is there any way to bypass setting the APN in ModemManager, or otherwise automatically obtain it? This version of NM doesn't recognize the parameter auto-config and will not accept an empty value as APN

OS: Debian 9.6 (stretch)

NetworkManager version: 1.6.2


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