Apache2 Server Connected To AWS ALB With HTTP2

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I have an Apache2.4 web server that is connected to AWS ALB. Since the ALB provides HTTP2, I have not configured the Apache server itself to enable the HTTP2 module and the HTTP2 seemed to be working fine when I inspected it in the browser. However, I am having issues with my website and from testing another instance with the HTTP2 module enabled by Apache itself (no ALB is connected to that instance) I suspect that the misconfiguration of enabling HTTP2 in the ALB and not in the server itself is the cause behind it.

Should I enable the HTTP2 in Apache? Or will enabling both do more damage than good? I do not want to try it directly since the instance is being used in a production environment.

I will try to add an ALB to the other server and test and update the question since I think it will be a good reference for such an issue.


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