I need to figure out how to buy a used server. What is the thing called that pulls out from a stack server an has a screen on it an keyboard?

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I want to buy the computer that technicians use to repair or configure stack servers it looks just like a laptop but has hot swappable harddrives. I'm entering a i.t. program an I'd like to mess with building my own server while I do my schooling. Can anybody tell me what the hell that thing is called? It has a screen an keyboard an mouse pad I've searched the net for days an none of the pictures I've seen have the screen or keyboard they just keep showing me a flat box. Plz help

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I guess you are talking about a "Rackmount KVM"

But this does not have hard drives because it is not a full system. It only has monitor / keyboard / mouse which are connected via cables to the servers in the same rack


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