Selecting cli menu options from my bash script

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I'm running a bash script but the process freezes when it hit a menu where it have to make a selection I understand that for YES ican use -y in my commands, but in the case where:

  1. I need to select/enter a number from an options list

  2. Enter a name or an email

How can I do that?

Weird enough that most of the search results return how to create a menu using bash, but not how to make a script enter selections/values.

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Without the script source we hardly can help you
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You could just pipe a text with the answers to the command:

printf "bot\nn\nJava" | ./

Or use expect like so:

#!/usr/bin/expect -f

set timeout -1
spawn ../4/

expect "Your name: "
send -- "expect\n"

expect "Are you human?\r
y/n: "
send -- "n\r"

expect "What is your favorite programming language?\r
Your answer: "
send -- "Java\r"

expect eof

more info here

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Thank you @ttsakpc , what about selections in screens like this one?
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I believe that it should also work with `expect`. If not you can try `empty-expect` as mentioned here

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