Best approach for specific local server permissions?

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We are trying to set up a three step permission-structure (Firstline, secondline, thirdline support). Firstline can only RDP with user-rights to all our domain-servers, no problem there with restricted groups GPO.

Now to the problem, secondline should be able to RDP + Update applications and restart services. How do I achieve this via GPO? Where I look it's the other way around, DON'T alow users to execute exe files etc.

Thirdline should be local admins on all servers


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It isn't possible to install applications and restart services without being an administrator.
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Typical model is admin & non-admin. Making it 3 tier sounds a bit too granular for what Windows is capable of. Permissions can be set individually on service (local to server, or via GPO for all servers in scope), which achieves your goal partially. Updating app can be done either by non-admin, or requires admin privilege, depending on how update program is coded - most likely not something can be enforced via GPO
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Damn, that's unfortunate, thanks for the replies

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