How to run a Fargate task? My cluster seems to be invisible

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I don't know what details to provide here, so bear with me. I want to use AWS Fargate. I successfully uploaded my docker image, created a Task Definition, and created an EKS cluster, but when I attempt to "Run Task," I am unable to because the "cluster" dropdown is greyed out and reads "None Available," and when I click Run Task, it says I need to choose a cluster.

The cluster exists and claims to be Active. It is located in a custom VPC, and the task uses the awsvpc networking type (I would prefer Bridge, but that option was also mysteriously greyed out).

How do I find out what is wrong here?

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Turns out, EKS and ECS clusters are different things. In the "new" interface, a link to create the correct kind of cluster is provided, and when I did that, it worked. Though I'm a long way from actually connecting to a Fargate service...

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