Category of storage subsystems (protocol , command, adapter, form factor, connector...)

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I'm overwhelmed between all the abbreviations that is use to connect a storage device to the host. I figured out the below is OK but I'm not sure. I would appreciate if someone could help me to organize my understanding to check if the following text is organized correctly or not:


-- hdd(any type,..) , ssd (any type,..)

form factor (general):

-- 3.5 inch , 2.5 inch, m.2 , aic (HHHL,FHHL) , msata

host adapter/controler/HBA/interface = connect computer to storage device

-- scsi, fc (HBA) , infiniband (HCA), ata/ide, pci-e(isa,...)


-- u.2

network protocol :

-- fcp , ficon


-- sata ,sas


-- escon , scsi, nvme


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