Postfix, bounce per-RCPT based on mail content

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With Postfix, is it possible to manually or otherwise bounce messages per-RCPT based on the mail content body (e.g. RFC5322.From headers).

For example,

  1. Mail with 5 RCPT TO envelope headers is queued
  2. Mail enters advanced after-queue content filter
  3. The filter examines the full mail object, and determines 2/5 of the RCPT should be bounced
  4. Mail is forwarded to the other 3 RCPT as normal.
  5. Send a nondelivery notice for the other 2 RCPT.
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If the filtering is just a simple check for headers, you should prefer *before-queue* processing, with the added bonus of letting the sender decide what to do about partially accepted recipient lists (instead of asynchronous notifications). Beware of the `SMFIP_RCPT_REJ`-opt-in in that case.

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