Win 10 MKLINK in C:\Users Access Denied

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I have Win 10 21H2 Bld 19044.1706 stand-alone workstation, no domain, just WORKGROUP.

I did a Laplink PCMover transfer to new computer but it changed profile name from "john.WORKGROUP" to "john". Everything is working except a million links like "C:\Users\john.WORKGROUP\Documents\something.exe" so I want to make a link named "C:\Users\john.WORKGROUP" that points to "C:\Users\john" but everything I've tried results in "Access Denied."

User "john" is an administrator.

I changed ownership of everything in Users to "jerry" (was "TrustedInstaller") and ran "Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux" in powershell, rebooted, but still Access Denied.

How can I make this link?

(I know this is serverfault, but StackOverflow does not seem like the right place and windows forums are useless.)

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Is there a reason, you don't want to change the folder name to the original "john"? If not, have a look at this:
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What exactly was the point of installing WSL?!?

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