OpenWRT allow IPv6 access LAN host from the Internet

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I'm new to IPv6 and trying to figure out how to properly configure my router so that I can access a web server through OpenWRT from the Internet.

With IPv4, I use port forwarding. For example, forward port 8080 of the WAN interface to This way I can access the webserver using my public IPv4 address at port 8080.

With my rudimentary understanding of IPv6, I assume I can have OpenWRT assign a global unicast IPv6 address to my webserver, and configure the firewall to allow connections from the internet to that IPv6 address, without using port forwarding.

My ISP assigns a /64 prefix, e.g. 2000:aaaa::1234/64. I want to configure OpenWRT to assign a static IPv6 address to the web server, something like 2000:aaaa::1234:5678/128. Then configure the firewall so that I can access the web server using [2000:aaaa::1234:5678]:8080.

Again, my IPv6 knowledge is limited. Please correct any wrong statements above and help me understand how to do this correctly.

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For your business network, the `/64` is your transit network, and the ISP should delegate a prefix like `/48` for use in your network, the you just route.

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