Windows docker container cannot reach another host on the same private network

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I'm running a Docker container on Windows:

docker run -d -p 2001:8080
-v F:\Scan:/app/data/output
--restart unless-stopped
--name scanservjs

This basically helps converting my Scanner into a Wifi Scanner.

I confirm is definitely accessible (a raspberry pi on the same private network), and from the Host (Windows), I can ping and telnet 6566 without any issues.

This was definitely working before, but for some reason (maybe due to Windows updates or so), my container no longer seems to be able to reach at all. If I install ping on the container, ping just hangs forever.

I've tried a number of things, such as trying some network settings (converting to docker-compose.yml and add some network settings, etc), but couldn't get anything to work so far. I tried --net=host, but then I don't seem to be able to access localhost:2001 or localhost:8080, so I was unable to do much.

I tried to temp disable Windows Firewall, but doesn't seem to resolve either.

Windows host -> raspberry pi [good]  
Docker container (in Windows host) -> raspberry pi [fail]

What could be the problem that prevents the Docker container from reaching, while the Windows host can without any problems?


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