Apache SSL renewal keeps using old certificate

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I have a website using Apache that runs on a GCP VM instance with a Google load balancer. In total, I have 3 servers

I have changed the SSL certificate in the Google load balance configuration.

What I have done so far to check are

  1. using gcloud command gcloud compute target-https-proxies list to check if the latest SSL was installed or not
  2. Running gcloud command gcloud compute target-https-proxies update PROXY_NAME --url-map=URL_MAP to update with latest proxy configuration

And everything looks good, but from the browser, I still can see that the website uses an old SSL certificate.

I also tried to use another browser or the online tool that John Hanley suggested, but still, it shows as the old certificate.

any idea how to solve it?

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Browsers sometimes cache certificates. Use a different browser and reverify. You can also online tools such as Edit your question as it is not clear what is serving your certificate - load balancer or Apache.
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since it's running under the load balancer so I guess there's something with the Google load balancer, thanks for pointed that hint @JohnHanley, do you think I need to restart the server?
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Edit your question with details on the front end(s) configured with certificates.

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