bridge with bonding interface

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I have some scenario like below

       [F/W]  [F/W]
     eth1|      |eth3
         +      +
       [  CentOS7 ]
         +      +
     eth2|      |eth4
       [B.B]  [B.B]

Line1 = eth1, eth2 Line2 = eth3, eth4

It is a network redundancy configuration, one proxy server is inserted in the middle.

I try to make bonding with bond-ex(eth1, eth3), and bond-in(eth2, eth4)

and will make bridge br0(bond-ex, bond-in).

when i configure like this. Is communication on each line guaranteed?

For example..

traffic eth2 <-> eth1 is OK,

traffic eth2 <-> eth3 is not allow, until eth1 port is dead.

Is this Possible?



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