How to change mail.log save configurations to make gzips for one month?

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I want to change the postfix or system configuration to have all the information of each month saved in mail.log, mail.err, and

The system or postfix make new empty files after reaching some kb or maybe it has another form when the gz files are created.

How and where can I change that in system or postfix cfgs?

os is debian + standard postfix/dovecot cfgs.

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log rotation is handled by logrotate.
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@GeraldSchneider thx for the word. So i changed the `nano /etc/logrotate.conf` to `monthly` and `rotate 12`. So if i understood that right, now all logfiles (auth,.log, mail.log,etc. ) are chagend to monthly and backuped for 12 months, right?

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