How to I setup default php-fpm service if I have two versions of php

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I am having two versions of PHP on an ubuntu server that is 8.1 and 7.4 I installed both PHP-fpm extensions and I have this in /var/run/php php7.4-fpm.sock php8.1-fpm.sock php-fpm.sock

I expected that running systemctl status php-fpm without the PHP version number would be running the default version PHP. but the service is not even there. I get this message Unit php-fpm.service could not be found. How can I fix this issue? Is it even possible?

I also noticed that in /etc/php/ I only have sub folders for versions.

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So, check which service units you do have. `systemctl list-units -t service |grep php`.
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I get this `php7.4-fpm.service loaded active running The PHP 7.4 FastCGI Process Manager php8.1-fpm.service loaded active running The PHP 8.1 FastCGI Process Manager`

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