login to remote Win10 and retrieve file

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Currently doing a manual daily backup of certain files, tars and zips, from a number of Win10 boxes to a master Win10 box. Backups are done by RDP - copy - paste. There has to be a way to script this. Please avoid: network file share, folder mapping, installing ssh or other server, or any permanent connection. The idea is to script what has been happening manually: open a connection with the known login, grab the files, and close the connection. Is there a way for a batch or powershell script on the master to fetch these files using the known user/pass on the remote boxes?

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Not really network file sharing necessarily or folder mapping, but could you just simply copy from the `C$` administrative share to the master `C$` administrative share? By network file share I'm assuming you don't want to share the folder with the backups, which the administrative share is already shared by default usually.
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Using C$ requires enabling file and print sharing. This is not enabled.
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Administrative share are enabled by default (aka c$, or IPC$, etc..) Please state why you block that as it prevent to manage those computers in the end.
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yes, this should be possible using powershell scripts:

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