Haproxy routing to single backup server from multiple nodes

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I have several small server and one big server that contain mirror of that several small server. Let's call it Server A, Server B, Server C and Server D for group of small server, and the big server will have Server X as name.

I'm drawing this diagram to explain the setup.

enter image description here

I want to redirect user to Server X if one of Server A to D is down/unreachable, once the server is gone up the user would have been redirected back to their corresponding server. Below is an example of desired scenario.

  • John search up hosted on Server B.
  • Haproxy redirect John to Server B.
  • John is doing something on on server B.
  • Server B is down ! John got redirected to Server X.
  • John is doing something on on server X.
  • Server B is up ! John got redirected back to server B from Server X.

I want to do the same setup with all other server (Server A to D), hence I only needed a failover and not load balancer.

I'm pretty sure this is possible with haproxy, but I haven't find a way to do this setup. Can anyone who knowledgeable give me a way/hint to perform this setup.


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