How to set a company's Windows based PC settings into an Ubuntu PC

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I need to install Ubuntu 18.04 alongside Windows 10 but when I do that our IT cannot set administrative settings for Ubuntu like Windows because they don't know anything about Linux. So, I cannot connect internet with Ubuntu. So is there any way to set Ubuntu user and device names same as Windows so the internet provider of our company's server will not see any difference. For example;

Windows side;

User name         user

Device name       XYZ-11
Full device name


In the user accounts panel, there are five different users and two different domains;

Username Domain Group
adminuser XYZ-11 Administrators; Users
Help1 COMPANY Administrators
Help2 COMPANY Administrators
first XYZ-11 Administrators
user COMPANY Administrators; Performance Log Users

In the System Properties / Computer Name;

Full computer name:

When I try to change name and it's domain I can see (again);

Computer name: XYZ-11
Full computer name:

Member of:

When I click More... button same names on the DNS suffix of this computer and NetBIOS computer name.

In the network settings we are connecting to the network.

I'll look for authentication of our system (but probably MAC and/or computer name related authentications, I guess).


Is there anyway to do that?

If this question is not belong here, I am sorry for that.

Thanks. Best regards.

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It depends. You'll have to figure out how the WIndows devices is managed. But you have to work with IT on this, don't attempt a solo show.
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Thanks. Do you mean user accounts? There are five different users and two different domains. I am updating question.
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User accounts, domain setup, network authentication, the works.
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Altough this is not answering your question directly it might be the easiest way to get your problem solved.

To have Ubuntu alongside Windows 10 you could have a look into WSL, see here how to install and get ubuntu from here.

You will not have to set anything special and your ubuntu should be connected to the internet.

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Thanks. I am developing an embedded device wich is containing NVIDIA Jetson Nano module. I am familiar with directly cross-compiling using Ubuntu Host but not with WSL. But I think I will have to figure it out. Or I'll look for a solution due to the @vidarlo's advice but our IT is hopeless case.

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