Unable to setup a second gateway/route to another firewall for management purposes

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I've a Mikrotik CRS209+1G+8S+IN (firmware 6.47.9) that have been working with a default gateway (sfp-sfpplus1_vlan20), used to have internet access, through is SFP ports, were one of those is an uplink and the other ones are bridged in the same group.

But this unit also has an ethernet port (named ether1), that I would like to use for management purposes only. I've a subnet already created on another firewall (named A1) for management (, and what I am trying to do is set a static IP on that ethernet port (in this case a, and setup the gateway of that subnet for management (

What I've done so far was to set a static IP and tried to create a rule for that, but still I can only inbound and outbound trafic with ether1 within devices on, if I try to do it with other subnets it doenst go through. Like a multi WAN configuration. On firewall A1, I dont have any rules at all to block traffic for that subnet or even that IP. On mikrotik there is also no rules placed.

Current setup:

enter image description here

I really dont know what to do more here ...

Anyone knows what am I doing wrong here?

NOTE: I am not a Mikrotik expert, in fact this is my first router from this brand.

Thanks in advance!


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