is there a way to reference a subnet of an IP address dynamically in VCL *varnish) without creating an ACL on a request by request basis?

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like lets say is the client ip and i wanted to compare it to token or a header that had an IP of basically i want to compare if and but dynamically without an ACL.

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your question is really short. can you please explain the business related problem you are facing and trying to solve? Sometimes is more better ;) Because for it looks for me mixed like a [x and y problem](
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I was super bothered by the fact that we do not have a solution to this problem in open-source varnish cache and because it seemed doable in a couple of hours, I wrote libvmod-acltools just now. For now, it only supports converting a single <ip>/<mask> into an ACL and I noticed some limitations in Varnish-Cache which we might want to address.

As Thijs included an ad for Varnish-Software's closed-source product, I would also like to mention that there are some independent open source developers out there like myself and phk:


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