RDP into VM without an OS

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Is it possible to RDP into a Virtualbox VM in order to install an OS on it? So in other words is it possible to RDP into a Virtualbox VM that has no OS installed yet?

I have a headless ubuntu server and I have Virtualbox installed on it. I created a VM and I would like to install Ubuntu on this VM. I start the VM, I have selected to enable remote display.

But I am unable to connect to it from my Windows 11 machine using RDP.

For network mode I have tried NAT Network and also Bridged Mode.

For RDP address I have tried both the IP number of the physical server as well as the server of the actual VM (in Bridged Mode).

I must be missing something.


Yes RDP enabled on the VM.

Firewall ports open on iptables.

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Have you read [the documentation]( Is RDP enabled? Does your firewall allow incoming RDP?
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Yes RDP enabled and firewall ports open. That's why I am kind of stumped by this.
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Please edit your question to add a diagram of the network containing the host, guest, and your RDP client; `VBoxManage showvminfo` output for the guest containing the VRDP port; and the configuration for your RDP client, such as the mstsc command.

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