load balancing with Bird

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I have the following routes pushed into my edge router      via on br166 [master01 22:53:55] * (100) [AS64514?]
                   via on br166 [worker_03 22:53:55] (100) [AS64514?]
                   via on br166 [worker_01 22:53:55] (100) [AS64514?]
                   via on br166 [worker_02 22:53:55] (100) [AS64514?]

The neighbours advertize the address

What I'm trying to achieve is to load balance traffic through all those neighbours. It is still not clear whether it is something possible. For instance in this gist it is achieved using the maximum-paths rule but this rule is specific to Ubiquiti Edge Router and I could not find anything similar on Bird.

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If I remember correctly, you are looking for merge paths configuration option of the kernel protocol.

Of course this will only work if your OS supports ECMP in FIB.

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Ok I need to try that option. My OS is a Linux machine Debian 11 and it should support that.
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I have enabled but unfortunately in my case it did not work but @Tomek I think you are right that is the option to use. The only problem is that I have failure to push the routes into the kernel. no idea why though.
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