hostname changed without me changing anything

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My hostname changed to " systemd-resolved" without my consent on fedora 37. When i type journalctl -u systemd-hostnamed.service

journalctl -xe entry is:

févr. 05 16:27:25 systemd-hostnamed[18393]: Hostname set to <> (transient)
févr. 05 16:27:55 systemd[1]: systemd-hostnamed.service: Deactivated successfully.
févr. 05 16:32:51 systemd[1]: Starting systemd-hostnamed.service - Hostname Service...
févr. 05 16:32:51 laptop-fedora systemd[1]: Started systemd-hostnamed.service - Hostname Service.
févr. 05 16:32:51 laptop-fedora systemd-hostnamed[18679]: Hostname set to <laptop-fedora> (transient)

How can this happen ?

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I see "cpe-...." in your logs. are you connecting your laptop to a modem or something provide you with an IP address?
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Fedora simplified the old install process and skips setting a hostname. As you can see, it is showing the transient hostname in both cases. Per the hostnamectl manpage, the transient hostname is a fallback received from the network configuration if there is no static hostname set.

You should manually set a hostname. This can be done by running sudo hostnamectl hostname HOSTNAME (where HOSTNAME is whatever you want it to be). This will update the static hostname and takes priority over transient ones, and will not change.

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You can check the man page for hostnamectl -
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