OpenVPN to Netgear Server Router

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I'm a networking noob, but I was able to setup a Windows VPN connection to my Netgear OpenVPN server in like 10 minutes. It was super easy, but when I tried to do it in Linux, I have spent all day trying to figure it out and have read through dozens of help posts and none of the answers work for me.

I have managed to get it to connect successfully based on suggestions in other posts, but I cannot ping devices on the network and when I check whatismyIP, it is not my router's IP.

Here is my client config:

I have tried tons of stuff with the last line of ifconfig. tried the gateway, tried, etc.. if I don't include a line it doesn't assign an IP to it when I check "ip a" and the connection details gives me a warning. I also tried to dchp it, but that didn't seem to work either. So I think this is where the issue resides, but maybe I need another option added to the config.

I have no idea what the server config is since that is managed by the router.

Here is the connection output: with ip replaced by XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

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